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Testing Ethernet circuit (Baseband) is totally different from broadband circuit. However, if you have Ethernet tester (such as Acterna), you can do RFC testing to prove continuity. Here is how to put a VLAN loop at tellabs. In this example, For example> Device#1 <—>(Side id 1:ge-1/1/1/1, VLAN111) Tellabs 8860 (Side id 2:so-2/2/2/2:1, VLAN222) <—>Device#2 1. Delete current circuit Tellabs_8860 ...

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METRO# show running-config ckt name “XXXX 470037748514″ # Running Config On: Fri Oct 1 17:50:45 2010 # Software Version : ##### CIRCUIT CONFIGURATION ##### exit all enable config ckt name “XXXX 470037748514″ type vlan side id 1 interface fe-1/1/2/3 vlan id 2590 exit side id 2 interface ge-1/2/1/1 vlan id 2590 exit traffic-param from 1 to 2 service-class name UBR exit traffic-param from 2 to 1 se ...

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Configuring METRO-E Tellabs 8840

Assuming we have metro-e MPLS backbone, Now we're going to configure Tellabs 8840 Metro, This command is used to create a new circuit : ME-TELLABS-8840# ena ME-TELLABS-8840(enable)# config ME-TELLABS-8840(config)# ckt name "abcde" type vlan ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt [abcde]) And this command to create a L2 VLAN Switching to the port ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt [abcde]) # side id 1 ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt-side [ab ...

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Learn How to Configure an ALCATEL LUCENT 7450 ESS : Part 3 (Service Epipe Config)

Okay, assuming we have ports, and a sdp that have been configured from the test before, We're going to create a service for our first customer. ME-TEST# configure service customer 12345 create --> in creating new customer, "create" must be used, and 12345 is the customer-id ME-TEST>config>service>customer# description "Gigatech Corporate" --> the customer name Now let's set ME-TEST2, copy the ...

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Learn How to Configure an ALCATEL LUCENT 7450 ESS : Part 2 (SDP Config)

Assuming you already have a metro  MPLS backbone using ALU 7450 ESS too, We're going to learn how to configure a new SDP connection on a new METRO. Still using the same ME-TEST like the post before, ME-TEST#configure service sdp 2 mpls create  --> 2 is the sdp-ip, and use mpls postfix to create it mpls-wise (default GRE), use create if the sdp-id isn't already existed ME-TEST>config>service>sdp# ...

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Learn How to Configure an ALCATEL LUCENT 7450 ESS : Part 1 (Port Config)

First, you need to get into the command line, you can do telnet from the remote site or get your console cable to the device. Let's start, then. Assuming we have already get into one. ALU-7450ESS# to name it we could use "config system name" command like this one : ALU-7450ESS#config system name ME-TEST ME-TEST# Then we have to config ports on it. ME-TEST#config port 1/1/1 ME-TEST>config>port#descript ...

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SW-XXXX#show run !Building configuration... ! ! ip address xx.xx.xx.30 ip mgmt-vlan 61 ip mgmt-priority 7 ip mgmt-interface gigabit-ethernet 1 ip mgmt-fwd-interface efm-group 1 ! ! ! snmp agent enabled write-community "telkom" system contact "" system name "SW-XXXX" system location "PT.SEMEN-PADANG" traps enabled ! ! interface t1-e1 1 shutdown name "T1-E1 Port #1" ! ! interfa ...

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sample juniper 2300 wit fireall filter

[email protected]> show configuration version 7.6R1.9; system { host-name ROUTER-GUE; domain-name; domain-search [ ]; authentication-order radius; root-authentication { encrypted-password "$1$RVFdx7eI$Ud424y17wLT88AiePhIF01"; ## SECRET-DATA } radius-server { { port 1812; accounting-port 1813; secret "$9$b4w4ZHqfznCP5nCuBSy"; ## SECRET-DATA tim ...

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