Thc Hydra.

CyberWorm:/ harrychanputra$ cd Volumes/
CyberWorm:Volumes harrychanputra$ ls
MacOs data
CyberWorm:Volumes harrychanputra$ cd data/

CyberWorm:data harrychanputra$ mkdir exploit

CyberWorm:data harrychanputra$ cd exploit/

CyberWorm:exploit harrychanputra$ mkdir hydra

CyberWorm:exploit harrychanputra$ ls


CyberWorm:exploit harrychanputra$ cd hydra/

CyberWorm:hydra harrychanputra$ ls

CyberWorm:hydra harrychanputra$ wget

–2014-07-06 06:21:38–


Connecting to||:80… connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 301 Moved Permanently

Location: [following]

–2014-07-06 06:21:39–

Connecting to||:443… connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK

Length: 552415 (539K) [application/x-gzip]

Saving to: ‘hydra-8.0.tar.gz’


100%[=========================================================================================================================================>] 552,415     18.8KB/s   in 48s


2014-07-06 06:22:31 (11.2 KB/s) – ‘hydra-8.0.tar.gz’ saved [552415/552415]


CyberWorm:hydra harrychanputra$ tar -zxvf hydra-8.0.tar.gz

x hydra-8.0/

x hydra-8.0/bfg.c

x hydra-8.0/bfg.h

x hydra-8.0/CHANGES

x hydra-8.0/configure

x hydra-8.0/crc32.c

x hydra-8.0/crc32.h

x hydra-8.0/d3des.c

x hydra-8.0/d3des.h

x hydra-8.0/

x hydra-8.0/dpl4hydra_full.csv

x hydra-8.0/dpl4hydra_local.csv

x hydra-8.0/hmacmd5.c

x hydra-8.0/hmacmd5.h

x hydra-8.0/hydra-afp.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-asterisk.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-cisco-enable.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-cisco.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-cvs.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-firebird.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-ftp.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/acconfig.h

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/aclocal.m4

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/AUTHORS

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/ChangeLog

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/config.h

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/configure

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/COPYING

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/INSTALL

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/install-sh

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/missing

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/mkinstalldirs

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/NEWS

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/README

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/src/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/src/callbacks.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/src/callbacks.h

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/src/interface.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/src/interface.h

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/src/main.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/src/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/src/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/src/support.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/src/support.h

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-gtk/xhydra.gladep

x hydra-8.0/hydra-http-form.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-http-proxy-urlenum.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-http-proxy.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-http.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-icq.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-imap.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-irc.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-ldap.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-logo.ico

x hydra-8.0/hydra-logo.rc

x hydra-8.0/hydra-mod.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-mod.h

x hydra-8.0/hydra-mssql.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-mysql.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-ncp.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-nntp.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-oracle-listener.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-oracle-sid.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-oracle.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-pcanywhere.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-pcnfs.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-pop3.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-postgres.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-rdp.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-redis.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-rexec.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-rlogin.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-rsh.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-s7-300.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-sapr3.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-sip.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-smb.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-smtp-enum.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-smtp.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-snmp.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-socks5.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-ssh.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-sshkey.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-svn.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-teamspeak.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-telnet.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-vmauthd.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra-vnc.c

x hydra-8.0/

x hydra-8.0/hydra-xmpp.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra.1

x hydra-8.0/hydra.c

x hydra-8.0/hydra.h

x hydra-8.0/INSTALL

x hydra-8.0/libpq-fe.h

x hydra-8.0/LICENSE


x hydra-8.0/Makefile

x hydra-8.0/

x hydra-8.0/Makefile.orig

x hydra-8.0/Makefile.unix

x hydra-8.0/ntlm.c

x hydra-8.0/ntlm.h

x hydra-8.0/performance.h

x hydra-8.0/postgres_ext.h

x hydra-8.0/pw-inspector-logo.rc

x hydra-8.0/pw-inspector.1

x hydra-8.0/pw-inspector.c

x hydra-8.0/pw-inspector.ico

x hydra-8.0/rdp.h

x hydra-8.0/README

x hydra-8.0/sasl.c

x hydra-8.0/sasl.h

x hydra-8.0/TODO

x hydra-8.0/xhydra.1

x hydra-8.0/xhydra.jpg

CyberWorm:hydra-8.0 root# ./configure


Starting hydra auto configuration …


Checking for openssl (libssl, libcrypto, ssl.h, sha.h) …

… found

Checking for idn ( …

… NOT found, unicode logins and passwords will not be supported

Checking for curses ( / term.h) …

… found, color output enabled

Checking for pcre (, pcre.h) …

… NOT found, server response checks will be less reliable

Checking for Postgres (, libpq-fe.h) …

… NOT found, module postgres disabled

Checking for SVN (libsvn_client-1 …

… NOT found, module svn disabled

Checking for firebird ( …

… NOT found, module firebird disabled

Checking for MYSQL client (, math.h) …

… NOT found, module Mysql will not support version > 4.x

Checking for AFP ( …

… NOT found, module Apple Filing Protocol disabled – Apple sucks anyway

Checking for NCP ( / nwcalls.h) …

… NOT found, module NCP disabled

Checking for SAP/R3 (librfc/saprfc.h) …

… NOT found, module sapr3 disabled

Get it from

Checking for libssh (libssh/libssh.h) …

… NOT found, module ssh disabled

Get it from

Checking for Oracle ( / oci.h and …

… NOT found, module Oracle disabled

Get basic and sdk package from

Checking for GUI req’s (pkg-config, gtk+-2.0) …

… NOT found, optional anyway

Checking for Android specialities …

… rindex() found

… RSA_generate_key() found

Checking for secure compile option support in gcc …

Compiling… yes

Linking… no


Hydra will be installed into …/bin of: /usr/local

(change this by running ./configure –prefix=path)


Writing …

now type “make”

CyberWorm:hydra-8.0 root# make


Now type make install

CyberWorm:hydra-8.0 root# make install


Now type make install

strip hydra pw-inspector

echo OK > /dev/null && test -x xhydra && strip xhydra || echo OK > /dev/null

mkdir -p /usr/local/bin

cp -f hydra pw-inspector /usr/local/bin && cd /usr/local/bin && chmod 755 hydra pw-inspector

echo OK > /dev/null && test -x xhydra && cp xhydra /usr/local/bin && cd /usr/local/bin && chmod 755 xhydra || echo OK > /dev/null

sed -e “s|^INSTALLDIR=.*|INSTALLDIR=”/usr/local”|” > /usr/local/bin/

chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/

mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/

cp -f *.csv /usr/local/etc/

mkdir -p /usr/local/man/man1

cp -f hydra.1 xhydra.1 pw-inspector.1 /usr/local/man/man1



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