GPON01-D1-BKT-2(gpon-onu-mng)#show run int gpon-onu_1/3/5:1 Building configuration… ! interface gpon-onu_1/3/5:1 name ONU_1/3/5:1 METROLINK TSEL PDG-PBR description ONU_1/3/5:1 METROLINK TSEL PDG-PBR tcont 2 name METROLINK profile UP-80M tcont 3 name NODE-B profile UP-80M gemport 2 name METROLINK unicast tcont 2 dir both queue 1 gemport 2 traffic-limit downstream DOWN-80M gemport 3 name […]

AIDE is an open source host-based intrusion detection system which is a replacement for the well-known Tripwire integrity checker. It provide software integrity checking and it can detect that intrusions (monitor filesystem for unauthorized change such as find out if system binaries modified and a new cracked versions installed or […]

Spoofing and bad address attack tries to fool the server and try to claim that packets had come from local address/network. Following IP/netwok address are know to open this kind of attack: Incoming source IP address is your servers IP address Bad incoming address from following ranges: […]

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