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Learn How to Configure an ALCATEL LUCENT 7450 ESS : Part 1 (Port Config)

Learn How to Configure an ALCATEL LUCENT 7450 ESS : Part 1 (Port Config)

First, you need to get into the command line, you can do telnet from the remote site or get your console cable to the device. Let’s start, then.

Assuming we have already get into one.


to name it we could use “config system name” command like this one :

ALU-7450ESS#config system name ME-TEST

Then we have to config ports on it.

ME-TEST#config port 1/1/1
ME-TEST>config>port#description “LINK TO SW TEST” –> you can change this as you like, the port description
ME-TEST>config>port#ethernet —> depending on your port type, in this case, ethernet
ME-TEST>config>port>ethernet# mode access –> you could change this into access or network
ME-TEST>config>port>ethernet# encap-type dot1q –> user dot1q to allow VLAN config on this port
ME-TEST>config>port>ethernet# mtu 9212
ME-TEST>config>port>ethernet# exit
ME-TEST>config>port# no shutdown –> like routers, this command is used to activate the port.

Then the port should be looked like this :

ME-TEST# show port 1/1/1
Ethernet Interface
Description        : LINK TO SW TEST
Interface          : 1/1/1                      Oper Speed       : 1 Gbps
Link-level         : Ethernet                   Config Speed     : 1 Gbps
Admin State        : up                         Oper Duplex      : full
Oper State         : up                         Config Duplex    : full
Physical Link      : Yes                        MTU              : 9212
IfIndex            : 35684352                   Hold time up     : 0 seconds
Last State Change  : 06/05/2011 09:36:47        Hold time down   : 0 seconds
Last Cleared Time  : N/A

Configured Mode    : access                    Encap Type       : 802.1q
Dot1Q Ethertype    : 0x8100                     QinQ Ethertype   : 0x8100

Notice that things that we configured before are shown in bold in the above. In VC-Switching, port is used
for the sap along with the VLAN that will be used.

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