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Configuring METRO-E Tellabs 8840

Configuring METRO-E Tellabs 8840

Assuming we have metro-e MPLS backbone,

Now we’re going to configure Tellabs 8840 Metro,
This command is used to create a new circuit :

ME-TELLABS-8840# ena
ME-TELLABS-8840(enable)# config
ME-TELLABS-8840(config)# ckt name “abcde” type vlan
ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt [abcde])

And this command to create a L2 VLAN Switching to the port

ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt [abcde]) # side id 1
ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt-side [abcde:1])# interface ge-1/1/1/1
ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt-side [abcde:1])# vlan 2500

After creating the side 1, we’re going to create the sdp, vc-switching for it

ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt [abcde])# side id 2
ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt-side [abcde:2])# lsp dynamic-ckt vc-id 190000002 —> match it with the destination VCID (can be metro in any type ALU, Tellabs, etc.)
ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt-side [abcde:2])# lsp destination –> (the metro in the other side IP Address)
ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt-side [abcde:2])# lsp dynamic-ckt no auto-reoptimization
ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt-side [abcde:2])# lsp dynamic-ckt prefer-non-ip-en-lsp
ME-TELLABS-8840(cfg-ckt-side [abcde:2])# lsp dynamic-ckt preference all

Now, the link is ready to use, don’t forget to create the SDP in the Metro side onto MPLS, or it will not work at all.

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