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Speedy 2 PPPOe LB

# apr/18/2009 21:51:30 by RouterOS 2.9.27 # software id = QXLH-HWT # / interface ethernet set Local name="Local" mtu=1500 mac-address=00:1B:11:F1:42:2A arp=enabled \ disable-running-check=yes auto-negotiation=yes full-duplex=yes \ cable-settings=default speed=1Gbps comment="Link Lan" disabled=no set Modem1 name="Modem1" mtu=1500 mac-address=00:13:F7:39:E0:ED arp=enabled \ disable-running-check=yes auto-nego ...

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Mikrotik DHCP Server

- Dhcp options yang bisa di lakukan : a. subnetmask b. ip router c. domain name d. ntp server d. netbios name e. delay thershehold untuk di setting jika perlu bakup dhcp server dan menentukan posisi primary atau secondary f. src address jika memakai bebagai ip di 1 interface g. auretatif delay time untuk pengecekan dhcp benar atau salah dari client. dan merenew request baru. h. bootp interface untuk boot ne ...

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ROUTER COMMANDS TERMINAL CONTROLS: · Config# terminal editing - allows for enhanced editing commands · Config# terminal monitor - shows output on telnet session · Config# terminal ip netmask-format hexadecimal|bit-count|decimal - changes the format of subnet masks ...

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