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configuration speedy connection with load balancing prolink

this example internet cafe use speedy connection. this costumer use 2 line adsl connection 1.the connection using office unlimted package 384/64 up to the equitment we use : 1. 2 adsl modem 2. 1 loadbalancing machine 3. 1 router pc linux and 1 mirktoik box   a. hasil monitoring load balacing Data Monitor Time :¬†12:31:41 Load Balance Mode :¬†Weight round robin Session WAN1 WAN2 WAN3 WAN4 TCP Session 39 4 ...

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Free BSD Router with PPPOE Dial

source from sentot a. Device Configutarion > cat /etc/rc.conf sshd_enable="YES" fsck_y_enable="YES" gateway_enable="YES" natd_interface="tun0" ifconfig_xl0="up" ifconfig_xl1="inet netmask" hostname="router.yourhostname" ppp_enable="YES" ppp_mode="ddial" ppp_profile="speedy" ppp_nat="YES" b. Firewall, IDS, Deamon Configuration > cat /etc/rc.local /usr/local/bin/portsentry -t ...

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