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Planning Internet Cafe With Speedy internet Connection

Using PC LINUX and router Mikrotik Network Schema Modem 4 Port ----------Mikrotik ---Hub-------Client Linux proxy A. Router Mikrotik Configuration a. Interface / interface ethernet set Local name="Local" mtu=1500 mac-address=00:50:DA:5F:AB:16 arp=enabled \ disable-running-check=yes auto-negotiation=yes full-duplex=yes \ cable-setti ...

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User EXEC Mode When you log in to the Cisco DSLAM, you are in user EXEC, or simply EXEC, command mode. The EXEC mode commands available at the user level are a subset of those available at the privileged level. The user EXEC mode commands allow you to connect to remote switches, change terminal settings on a temporary basis, perform basic tests, and list system information. The user EXEC mode prompt consist ...

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Simple sample Prolink Load Balancing Cryptone.Net

System Configuration Setting ========================================================================= Firmware:       Version       : TMH121-A V1013-MB2.4-E Release Date  : Jan 24 2006 Printout Time : SUN NOV 25 16:30:40 2007 Time Zone     : GM+08:00 Primary NTP IP: Secondary NTP : ========================================================= LAN status:     IP address    : 192 ...

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Table 1-1: Command Modes Command Mode Access Method Prompt Exit Method EXEC (user) Log in to the switch or Cisco DSLAM. DSLAM> Use the logout command. Privileged EXEC From user EXEC mode, use the enable command and enter your password. DSLAM# ...

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Free BSD Router with PPPOE Dial

source from sentot a. Device Configutarion > cat /etc/rc.conf sshd_enable="YES" fsck_y_enable="YES" gateway_enable="YES" natd_interface="tun0" ifconfig_xl0="up" ifconfig_xl1="inet netmask" hostname="router.yourhostname" ppp_enable="YES" ppp_mode="ddial" ppp_profile="speedy" ppp_nat="YES" ...

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Queue with Masquerading and Internal Web-Proxy

01. Introduction This page will tak about how to make QUEUE TREE in RouterOS that also running Web-Proxy and Masquerading. Several topics in forum say it's impossible to do. In version 2.9.x, we can not know which traffic is HIT and which traffic is MISS from web-proxy. Several people want to make a configuration, to let cache data in proxy (HIT traffic) deliver in maximum possible speed. In other word, if ...

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