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Per-Traffic Load Balancing

Introduction Bandwidth management is an essential part of everyday operation for typcial ISPs, businesses, and even everday home users. There are many different types of management tools available to RouterOS users, QOS, rate-limiting, packet-limiting, to name a few. I personally operate a wireless ISP, in an area that has no other type of convential high-speed internet (ie. cable, fibre, or DSL). Not havin ...

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MikroTik Wireless Configuration

Setup uses Safe Mode. It means that all changes that are made during setup are reverted in case of error, or if Ctrl-C is used to abort setup. To keep changes exit setup using the ‘x’ key. [Safe Mode taken] Choose options by pressing one of the letters in the left column, before dash. Pressing ‘x’ will exit current menu, pressing Enter key will select the entry that is marked by an ‘*’. You can abort setup ...

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99 perintah yang bisa dijalankan di promp run untuk Windows XP.

. Application = Command Accessibility Controls = access.cpl Add Hardware Wizard = hdwwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs = appwiz.cpl Administrative Tools = control admintools Automatic Updates = wuaucpl.cpl Bluetooth Transfer Wizard = fsquirt Calculator = calc Certificate Manager = certmgr.msc Character Map = charmap Check Disk Utility = chkdsk Clipboard Viewer = clipbrd Command Prompt = cmd Component Services = d ...

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Instal SNMP di FreeBSD

Teori Singkat SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) adalah protokol manajemen jaringan yang paling banyak digunakan pada jaringan berbasis TCP/IP. SNMP merupakan protokol standard industri yang digunakan untuk memonitor dan mengelola berbagai perangkat di jaringan Internet meliputi hub, router, switch, workstation dan sistem manajemen jaringan secara jarak jauh (remote). Instalasi SNMP office# cd /usr/l ...

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Installasi squid di FreeBSD

Perangkat yang digunakan untuk ngoprek Pentium III 300MHz, RAM 128, HD 20GB dengan partisi sebagai berikut : /swap : 256MB /cache : 16000MB / : Sisanya   Langkah Kerja Instal Squid sarangku# tar -zxvf squid-2.5.STABLE5.tar.gz sarangku# cd squid-2.5.STABLE5 ./configure –enable-delay-pools –enable-ipf-transparent –enable-storeio=diskd,ufs –enable-storeio=diskd,ufs –disable-ident-lookups –enable-snmp –ena ...

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Install Web Server

: Yang dibutuhkan adalah source-source berikut : 1. mysql-3.22.32.tar.gz 2. apache_1.3.26.tar.gz 3. php-4.1.2.tar.gz 4. openssl-0.9.6d.tar.gz 5. mod_ssl-2.8.10-1.3.26.tar.gz : Kita Download dulu Source Codenya : server# pwd /usr/local/src server# wget server# wget ...

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